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The Staff of our College Won the First Prize in the Paper of the Annual Conference of Guangdong University Party Construction Research Association in 2020

2020-12-28 09:15:40 From:华南师范大学经济与管理学院 Views: 收藏本文

Undergraduate branch party construction in colleges and universities in guangdong province research association annual meeting in December 18, 2020 held in huizhou university, this annual meeting of the meeting of party construction the paper make a reward excellence, our Chen, Zhang Hongming, Yu Silong three teachers co-authored the new era of network party construction and ideological and political education system to construct "won the first prize, received recognition.


The construction of Network Party Construction and Ideological and Political Education System in the New Era elaborates that network Party construction and ideological and political education are based on the characteristics of the Internet era and have clear rules of evolution and have experienced the development stage of "borrowing, integration and integration". Three teachers on the basis of people's free all-round development theory and the theory of intersubjectivity, puts forward a new era of network party construction of colleges and universities and the ideological and political education model, it includes individualized learning, digital communication, intelligent management and network service four one, has the guidance function, deviation, evaluation and incentive functions, will be "cultivating what person, how to cultivate people and cultivating people for who" the fundamental problem.